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  2. jrmcanada

    Shoes for hiking in Hawaii

    Hi. I’m looking for recommendations for hiking shoes in Hawaii. The trails I plan to go on are all low to average difficulty. But some of them have steep sections and many of them can be muddy at times. (The Lanikai Pillbox hike, hiking to Pihea Vista, etc.) My main concern is that they have excellent traction for muddy trails. In the past, I’ve been hiking there with just standard runners and it’s been fantastic until I run into trails that are slick or muddy after some rain. I’m not doing heavy-duty hiking - I'm just an amateur. Probably just 2-4 hours a day for a week or two. I’m just
  3. Dove76


    I hate them. Seriously hate them. They hurt. I have tried may kinds. The best so far(but still a tad uncomfy) are Xero shoes. I have the shoes and the sandals. I am a dog walker and I have actually walked dogs without my shoes. I know. Not very professional....but...ya...hate shoes. I took them off at some point during day hikes as a kid and the few times we went bouldering as well. When I wear shoes, my feet ache during and after. If my feet get hot, I get hot and sick to my stomach. I hate socks too. They make my feet feel like they are being smothered and constricted. So socks and sh
  4. Mantra Man

    Before I Set Out...

    I would echo the comments to try a session with your actual weight that you expect, and also use the actual pack you will use. You want to eliminate any chaffing or pressure points before you head out. I like to use a hip belt and it always takes a while to get it dialed in perfectly. Don't forget to eliminate items you don't need, as that will likely be more important than training!
  5. Aaron Zagrodnick

    Before I Set Out...

    In reality anything will help, whether walking with or without a pack, just be careful not to take it too far where you end up getting a nagging injury of some type. The best way to train is by actually hiking, but for me running is a good substitute as it really gets the legs, cardio, and feet ready without having to carry a pack in training. And it takes less time to run a couple miles than to walk it when you're just training close to home. But if you're taking a training pack along I'd probably go with whatever is convenient, maybe test with the same pack weight you expect to take if you'r
  6. Aaron Zagrodnick

    Hi! From Texas!!

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  8. I need to train a bit. I haven't been active for quite a while due to health and just life in General. Busy Busy! My health issues are getting better thankfully. So, before I set out, I need to strengthen my muscles and get used to carrying a pack. That's Why I set my sights on a small one night trip. Question, about how much should I be adding to my pack when I train? When I say train, I mean daily walks. And I have a nice, steep, rocky hill I have access to. I basically don't know what to do to prepare my muscles.
  9. Dove76

    Texas Trails

    Are there any long trails in Texas that can be hiked and camped for about 3 days?
  10. Just an FYI experience with the new 3L HydraPak. Failed me early on with no abuse or rough handling. Sprung a leak within a mile of the backpack trip! At the location, when you first look at it, you suspect might be its weak spot. Up at Pictured Rocks North Country trail doing the 40 mile backpack. Within first mile I feel water dripping down my leg. Take pack off and discover the HydraPak 3L was leaking. See picture. Discouraging because shuttle dropped me off and was gone, I had 40 miles to go over 3 days. Couldn't fill the HydrPak more than 2/3 full because the hiking motion of
  11. Dove76

    Gear Questions

    Its been a long while for me. I haven't an overnight hike before. However, as a kid we rafted the Chama River for 3 days. Pulled over on the side of the river and made camp for the night. Had a blast! Camping in one spot for a couple days doesn't seem to compare. I am planning a 1 night trip up to Guadalupe Peak. I would like to take my time and take in the scenery. Start small and short. From what I understand there is a small spot to camp on the trail. I also like to pack light. I plan to take my tent, 5lbs, sleeping bag, maybe 10lbs, aluminum cooking pan 2lbs, oatmeal, beef jerky, canned s
  12. Dove76

    Hi! From Texas!!

    I am originally from New Mexico. I spent half my childhood on the mountain where my dad was raised. We did plenty of hiking and fishing. Spent all day up and down the river and on the hillside. We also did a small bit of bouldering with my stepdad. We did a lot of camping as well. We didn't have a lot of money, so the outdoors was our entertainment. Loved it! I crave it to this day! I cant get enough of it! I love to disconnect and unplug! I could really care less about modern amenities. Well...except for my phone...but even that has to be tossed aside too! Moved to Texas. A small town with a
  13. looking at this as a definite possibility this year and have a few questions I hope someone can answer from experience. First and most importantly, given the location, is this a pack your own water type trip or are there some water holes available on the trails? From what I am seeing doing online research, it appears that water holes are pretty scarce. Also, when is the best time of year to balance temperatures and crowds? Am thinking of doing this in the fall as I am not a fan of packing in 110 degree heat on a trail where you have to carry your own water if anyone has any exp
  14. balzaccom

    I'm on Zoom tonight

    I'll be making a presentation for my local library on Zoom.... Join us tonight at 7pm for this month's Virtual Remarkable Journeys! The Sierra Nevada is one of the most beautiful and accessible mountain ranges in the world. In addition to being out in nature, life on the trail is good exercise for the mind and is refreshing for the soul. Paul Wagner provides tips about backpacking in California--what, where, when, how, and why. Zoom Meeting: https://countyofnapa.zoom.us/j/97969361526 Meeting ID: 979 6936 1526
  15. Postie109


    Thanks balzaccom
  16. balzaccom

    Hello from Newfoundland

    Beautiful photo! I visited Halifax a few years ago to speak at a conference, and was disappointed that I didn't get to do more hiking. Where are some of your favorite trails there?
  17. balzaccom


    We use bottles, not bladders. But in years past we've used Gatorade and recycled soda bottles. Good for weight, good for recycling...not so great for the consumer economy. But what the heck.
  18. Postie109

    Hello from Newfoundland

    Thanks Aaron
  19. Aaron Zagrodnick


    Hey Pat, I'm a fan of the Platypus Hoser series (I use the 3L) for a hydration reservoir. I'm not sure if you're looking for a pack with hydration integrated in, but I just use whatever daypack or backpacking pack I might be inclined to utilize and throw the Hoser system in.
  20. Aaron Zagrodnick

    Hello from Newfoundland

  21. Postie109

    Hello from Newfoundland

    Just joined your site. Started hiking seriously last year when Covid hit but actually was hiking for most of my life as I worked for 35 yrs as a mail carrier. Hi to everyone from Newfoundland, Canada.
  22. Postie109


    Looking for suggestions on good hydration bags. I'm in Canada so Looking for something not too pricey. Mid price range. Any suggestions. Tks Pat
  23. Aaron Zagrodnick

    Anyone up in/near Marquette MI? Pictured Rocks area?

    Not in the area, but perhaps mailing the canister(s) to your shuttle could work?
  24. Headed up next week and arrive on a Sunday. And getting shuttled to Au Sable for start at 8am Monday. Cant find any clear places up there that have fuel canisters for sure. Some outfitters but they are all closed on Sunday =^/ Might send up but the post offices are closed on Sunday also. Cant pack in checked bag. Walmart has limited stock/none. Anyone up in that area have any ideas? Can I send some up to you? ;^)
  25. Aaron Zagrodnick

    Eastern Edge of the Pacific Northwest

    Welcome - looks like a nice spot!
  26. Aaron Zagrodnick

    Hello from Anaheim CA!

    Hi Robert, Sounds like a great resolution. Welcome to the forum!
  27. Waiting for the snow to melt off the high roads of Idaho and Montana so I can head off on some good hikes soon. I love packing in over snow so getting out early in the season is fun.
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