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  4. Aaron Zagrodnick

    Seeking App that tracks Hike & prevents getting lost

    Hi Greg, There are indeed several apps that provide the ability to create a track as you hike - here’s a look at one although we didn’t go too much into tracking in this article: https://www.trailgroove.com/blogs/entry/122-how-to-use-the-gaia-gps-app-and-trip-planning-guide/ Although I like to stay found with a paper map these apps could also help in the situation you describe by simply displaying your location on a map whereby you could navigate to where you need to be without a track as well.
  5. Hello friends, Is there such thing as an app that can track your path while hiking, so you can use it to assist in navigating your way back if you get confused? I'm thinking such an app would be invaluable to prevent people from getting lost. It seems like a GPS app could easily include this feature, since gps is already continually monitoring your position. Does such a thing exist? -Greg
  6. Hey Scott, Yep, a free 1 year Gaia Premium Subscription is included with TrailGroove Premium (if / after you've signed up you can find that here) and (TrailGroove) Premium includes everything else listed here:
  7. Aaron, Per the article - Does the premium subscription to TrailGroove still include the premium subscription to Gaia also? Thanks Scott
  8. Anne Ord

    Trouble with boot eyelets

    In reply to CSTONE, Six years ago I had an accident on a walking holiday where my hooks attached themselves to each other. I hit the ground at speed face first, breaking teeth and injuring my shoulder. It cost me plenty in emergency dentist bills but I was grateful it wasn’t worse. The day before I was at the top of Malham Cove, in Yorkshire and I dread to think what the outcome would have been had the accident happened there. I thought the whole incident was a fluke as I’ve been a serious walker for over 40 years. I accepted, mainly due to the teasing of others, that somehow I walk
  9. GPS Test from the google play store for my Android, that is what I needed. Now I see all the satellites and can test the accuracy of my device.
  10. Thanks Aaron! This is great to hear, but I am still surprised. I suppose I am just thinking from a couple of decades ago. Certainly my cell phone with an extra battery pack would be ideal for multiple reasons. I started using GAIA yesterday for the 1st time and was quite impressed. Knowing this could be my solution I will invest in a membership. I am going to read your article now. Thanks!
  11. Hi Scott, Yes, a smartphone (iPhone, Android, etc.) can make use of GPS satellites by using an app like Gaia etc. - here's a guide: https://www.trailgroove.com/blogs/entry/122-how-to-use-the-gaia-gps-app-and-trip-planning-guide/
  12. I was an early adopter of GPS’s 20ish years ago, but now have not used one for over 10 years. I was on a forum for Garmin eTrex and an apparently tenured hiker said something that confused me to no end. He said that he returned his Garmin and just bought a cell phone with no plan since it picks up all the SATs??? Is this true? Then he just used GAIA, and got the best of all worlds? Does a cell phone pick up SATs just like a Garmin – this does not sound right to me at all? I have a difficult route-finding hike coming up and need to reinvent in a GPS, is why I ask. Certainly if I could us
  13. ppine

    Day Hiking the John Muir Wilderness

    So many places, so little time. The PCT is 1/2 hour from my house.
  14. ppine

    Trail Tip: Hiking in a Wintry Mix

    If you are out there a lot you are going to run into transitional conditions. Sleet and freezing rain are dangerous because it is so easy to get wet and hard to get warm. It can happen in the mountains any time. My worst experience was in Alaska in August. Fire building skills become important. Take shelter if you start to get wet. Use a pack cover and protect your sleeping bag no matter what.
  15. bslcsw

    Deuter Women's 30L Speed Lite Pack Size Small

    Sold on eBay.
  16. Madeline Salocks

    Day Hiking the John Muir Wilderness

    RogerMoore, thank you very much!
  17. RogerMoore

    Trail Tip: Hiking in a Wintry Mix

    My worst experience with this was in Yellowstone. And it a still a BOMB trip!
  18. RogerMoore

    Day Hiking the John Muir Wilderness

    Great article, Madeline!
  19. jay

    Hello fron Liverpool , UK

    I have done a lot of trips over there, myself. Lake District is great; have been to Loch Lomond, Peak District and part of the Pennine Way, also. Cairngorms National Park is next on my list over there, as soon as lockdown is lifted.
  20. balzaccom

    Day Hiking the John Muir Wilderness

    You are right Aaron, there are a TON of trails that meet this description on the East side...from the Hoover Wilderness all the way down to Whitney. We have a bunch of them described in the destinations section of our website: backpackthesierra.com. But one we haven't done is this one! Thanks for posting.
  21. balzaccom

    Hello fron Liverpool , UK

    Welcome. We'd love to see photos of some of those Lakes District hikes...
  22. Aaron Zagrodnick

    Firepot Spicy Pork Noodles Review

    Ever since one of my favorite backpacking meals of all time – the Pad See You noodles from Backpacker’s Pantry was unfortunately discontinued, I’ve been a search for a simple, but good rice noodle dish with an accompanying meat protein. The Pad Thai from Mountain House is a recent meal that ends up being a close contender to my old time favorite, and the latest meal with this theme I’ve tested is the dehydrated Spicy Pork Noodles from Firepot, who makes pre-packaged, just add water dehydrated meals in the United Kingdom. This meal is based on rice noodles, ground pork, and various v
  23. Aaron Zagrodnick

    Hello fron Liverpool , UK

    Sounds like you have some pretty exciting hiking plans on the horizon. Welcome to the forum!
  24. Ian Blackwell

    Hello fron Liverpool , UK

    I currently do most of my trail walking in the English Lake District as it is on my doorstep , but spend a lot of holidays in Scotland and in Europe . I am however planning to retire in the next couple of years which will leave me free to explore the World . I have my eye on the PCT , GR5 , and the Te Araroa in New Zealand . If anyone wants advice on trails in UK just Let me know
  25. Aaron Zagrodnick

    Issue 50 Released

    Issue 50 of TrailGroove Magazine is now available! Click the preceding link or the cover below to take a look: In This Issue: Jargon: Lapse Rate Trail News Trail Tip: Hiking in a Wintry Mix John Muir Wilderness The Timberline Trail Lixada 10w Solar Panel Review Gear Mash Trail Pancakes A Tale of Two Panhandles 125 pages dedicated to backpacking and hiking. Special thanks to all of our readers and contributors for your support and contributions towards the latest issue! If it's your first time viewing the magazine, we suggest starting
  26. Aaron Zagrodnick

    Issue 50

    Note: This download is included at no extra cost with a Premium TrailGroove Membership - Details Here. Issue 50: (125 Pages) Table of Contents: Jargon: Lapse Rate Trail News Trail Tip: Hiking in a Wintry Mix Dayhiking in the John Muir Wilderness The Timberline Trail Lixada USB Solar Panel Review Gear Mash Trail Pancakes A Tale of Two Panhandles
  27. Aaron Zagrodnick

    Issue 50 Wallpaper

    Note: This download is included at no extra cost with a Premium TrailGroove Membership - Details Here. Full HD Desktop Wallpaper / Background for TrailGroove Issue 50.
  28. Aaron Zagrodnick

    Issue 50

    Read Online Download PDF Contents: Jargon: Lapse Rate Trail News Trail Tip: Hiking in a Wintry Mix Dayhiking in the John Muir Wilderness The Timberline Trail Lixada USB Solar Panel Review Gear Mash Trail Pancakes A Tale of Two Panhandles PDF Version Read Online Download PDF In This Issue:
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