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Im a college student and lookiggg to plan an adventure for this coming winter break. I’d have from December 15th to about January 15th. I’d prefer to do something start to finish. Preferably thru hiking, but I’ve been also looking at bike packing. If thru hiking I can average about 25 miles a day. I was looking at Arizona Trail South, but not sure. Looking for little snow, but don’t mind the chance for a blizzard. Prefer the United States since I’ve never been out of the country yet. 

From my research it doesn’t look like I have many options. Maybe just a road trip and hit some good places up? Not sure though.   

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Southern Arizona, Big Bend and Death Valley immediately come to mind.  The lower parts of the Mojave Desert are good then.  Finding water i is the biggest challenge.   I have done some overnight trips, but mostly it is car supported day hikes.  It is easy to get away from everyone. 

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