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November Camping Near Home


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Just returned from a camplng trip near home with my dog.  I was in a Jeffrey pine forest with no one around.   Thursday night I was the only person in a campground with my dog and a Great Horned Owl for company.  I brought a small travel trailer.  This time of year it get dark early, so after dinner I would spend some time by the fire.  Then later I would retire to the relative comfort, safety, and light of the trailer.  I brought a small propane heater to take off the chill.   Night time lows this week were around 18-20 degrees, but in the trailer It was closer to 40 and very comfortable.  Great time to catch up on some reading, especially "Building the Maine Guide Canoe" by Jerry Stelmok,  and "Wilderness and the American Mind" by Nash. 

Friday night a few trailers showed up.  I had some friends come down for dinner around the campfire.  It was great to have company.   I made stacked enchiladas in a Dutch Oven.  My friend made his favorite brownies in a another Dutch.  This was llving.  Great to have the quiet and friends so close to home.  It was like cheating to fit in one last camping trip before winter.  Next we will be heading to low desert in Feb. 

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I crack a window and only run the heater for a short time.  I never run it when I am asleep, not necessary. 

Many people have not had the experience of camping with all of that darkness.  I find it to be forboding and a challenge going solo. 

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