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Backcountry Crunchy Fruit Crisp

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This crunchy fruit crisp makes a sweet ending to a strenuous day of hiking. However I prefer it as a sweet beginning and this is one of my all-time favorite trail breakfasts. For a quick-start morning you can add boiling water to the fruit the night before and allow it to rehydrate overnight. Save on clean-up by using the zip top bag as a bowl liner, adding water directly to the bag and zipping it closed to rehydrate. Add the topping in the morning and then you’ll be energized and ready to hit the trail. There is plenty of protein and energy in this fruit and nut combo...

Karen Garmire shares this versatile recipe in Issue 41, find the article below:

Backcountry Fruit Crisp

Backpacking Cuisine - Fruit Crisp Recipe

Issue 41 Page 1

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