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Question about aged camp food.


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I have not camped in several years and am preparing for some trips this fall.  While I was getting my equipment out, inspected, cleaned arc. I found several Mountain House meals in my box.  These are the kind that you open at the camp, add boiling water, stir let sit then eat them.  But they expired about 6 years ago.  They are kind of expensive so just throwing them away bothers me.    I am wondering if you all think that they would be safe to eat.  I thought those things were like MREs and would last “forever”,  then I saw the “best used by” date.  Interested in you thoughts.

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Aaron Zagrodnick

I should add that I can personally verify this as well - I take meals from Mountain House that show they’re expired on the package (but are within the new retroactive shelf life range) on trips all the time - don’t notice a difference. While I definitely take a few other brands on trips as well to mix things up, with Mountain House it is nice to not have to be as mindful about taking the oldest meal(s) you might have and using them before they expire.

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I am with Aaron on this.  As long as the package is still sealed and it hasn't been in an extreme heat environment (example - Trunk of your car in the summer) I wouldn't have a problem using them.

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On 9/5/2019 at 10:56 AM, Aaron said:

Sounds like you may be good to go! You'll just have to check the manufactured date - Mountain House has changed to a retroactive 30 year guarantee on shelf life so long as it was made after 1985:


Good Feedback Aaron, I have never used Mountain House. I never went over a week outdoors bring just my own food stuff made at home. But wanting longer durations, I was looking at other long term food sources. I have always fallen back on what I knew, which has been MRE's and what I make up myself at home prior. My wife, has never cared much for MRE's. Now to tell you how old I am the Military gave us C-rations.  We would place the cans on the vehicle engine to heat them up.

I never really gave deep thought to other food sources. Striking only with what I knew worked.

Good Feedback AaronThanks! 

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