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Build Your Own Trail Chili


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Double down to beat the winter chill with a steaming bowl of hot chili. The beauty of this recipe is the ability to tailor it to suit a variety of diets and taste preferences. It’s naturally gluten free. Choose a non-meat protein option for a vegan or vegetarian variation. Tone down the spice by choosing poblano peppers or mild canned green chiles and omitting the jalapenos. Pour on the heat by using Anaheim peppers, extra jalapenos and a full two tablespoons of chili powder. This chili was true comfort food during my recent hike in the Sierra Mountains where temperatures dropped...

@Karen Garmire shares this article on building your own backpacking chili - take a look in Issue 44:

Build Your Own Trail Chili

Build Your Own Backpacking Chili Recipe

Issue 44 Page 1

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a simple recipe for chili on the trail - 1 can cattle drive chili with beans- one small can Ortega green chili-one diced onion- and salsa your favorite brand. you will get more than

one meal from this so the best thing to do is mix them all together at home and put one serving in a plastic bag and freeze it. while you are hiking it will defrost - just heat and eat.

add only the amount of green chili that you like not the whole can and you can add some hot sauce like what taco bell has in little packets on the trail. if you want to go nuts add a little

packets of Fritos after it is cooked.

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