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Social distancing during Coronavirus...

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Outside magazine has posted a very good article about this topic.  Here's an excerpt:

"Don’t Travel

One of the reasons national parks are closing is that they were drawing outside visitors into isolated rural communities, and causing people from different areas to intermingle. This behavior risks spreading COVID-19 to communities ill-equipped to handle it, while fostering transmission of the disease across the country. 

“Stay within your locale, whatever that may be,” advises Neumann. By staying inside your neighborhood, town, city, or region, you limit the spread of the virus. This is crucial to flattening that curve, and slowing infection rates. The definition of locale will differ depending on where you live. While someone residing in a rural area may be able to travel 20 miles away without leaving their community, someone living in Manhattan probably shouldn’t leave that borough. "


And here's a link to the whole story:  https://www.outsideonline.com/2410881/going-outdoors-coronavirus


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 Can I go backpacking this summer? I don't know. But some spots in Banff National Park would normally br open in about one months time. Can I head out? Probably not. But staying close to home and inside for the next several months will be difficult. I know of several backcountry spots I could safely head out to next month. Will I be allowed to??

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