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Tent comparison questions


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Does anyone have experience with these two 4 season 2 person tents? Whether or not having experience with these particular tents do you feel the difference in price is justified by a similar difference in quality? From my inexperienced position it looks like the Geertop 4 season 2 person tent might be of a heavier more robust material than the Flytop 4 season 2 person tent which looks again from my ignorant position to be of pretty much the same design. The difference in price certainly is significant, but is the difference in quality also as significant as the difference in price?

Thank you for any help!

Maine, USA

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Depends on what you are doing.  Car camping any heavy material tent will work.  Backpacking I always look at weight.  But along with weight comes price.  I have a Marmot Limelight 2P for car camping.  It's about 5lbs.  For backpacking I use an MSR Hubba Hubba 2P, which is more like a 1.5P.  All gear is under 3lbs.  I can do a fly setup at a little over a pound.  But it's also $400.  I have not heard of Geertop.  Personally I stick with well known brands.

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