Backpacking the Three Sisters Wilderness

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After a drive into the night and an examination of the small walk-in Devils Lake Campground by headlamp, I found an available campsite – close enough to the trailhead that it was safe to say the first part of my journey (getting there) was complete. It was quiet, but there were several others camped nearby. The peaks that dominated the wilderness trip ahead of me were obscured by the darkness of the night. I was excited for the backpacking trip ahead of me, a nearly 60 mile variation of one of Oregon’s most iconic backpacking trips. The campground having served its purpose, early in the morning I packed up camp and quickly was in my car and only a short drive from the trailhead. The surrounding terrain was impressive with the views that daylight provided. As I pulled into the trailhead, it was empty. The morning sun lit a dramatic glacier-covered mountain peeking above the forest: the South Sister. Soon I went and filled out a self-issued permit, a privilege that no longer exists for this area, and I joined up with the trail. Within minutes I reached a wilderness sign indicating the entrance to the Three Sisters Wilderness...

@Eric takes us along on this trip through Oregon's Three Sisters Wilderness - find the full article below in Issue 46:

Backpacking the Three Sisters Wilderness: Oregon's High Cascades

Backpacking in the Three Sisters Wilderness

Issue 46 Page 1

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