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Ruby Mountains, Nevada

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We're just back from a ten day trip to the Ruby Mountains in northeastern Nevada, with stops at the South Ruby Wildlife Refuge, Angel Lake, and Lamoille Canyon.  

What a spectacular area!  We loved the refuge--and lost count of the number of different birds we saw.  Angel Lake (with hikes to Smith Lake and almost to Winchell Lake--gotta read the whole story) was wonderful. 

But all of that paled in comparison to Lamoille Canyon and the hikes we took there:  Thomas Creek, Island Lake, and Liberty Pass to Liberty Lake.  Stunning scenery, more beaver ponds than we'd ever seen in our lives, excellent fishing, and did we mention spectacular scenery? 


This was a treat.  The whole trip report is here: 


including a link to way too many photos.  But it was so stunning...

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I have enjoyed trips in the Ruby Mountains.  I just tell people Nevada is mostly cactus and rocks.  There are a hundred mountain ranges where no one goes. 

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