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Hiking the Theodore Solomons Trail

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You’ve no doubt heard of the John Muir Trail, justly known as one of America’s premier hiking trails. Perhaps you have even hiked it (if not, put it at the top of your hiking bucket list). But the JMT is not the only long trail through the heart of the Sierra Nevada. Just 10 miles to its west, the Theodore Solomons Trail parallels the JMT. Starting at Horseshoe Meadows south of Mt. Whitney, it bears west over the Kern drainage, turns north to Mineral King, then keeps to the west sides of Sequoia, Kings Canyon, and Yosemite National Parks as it heads to Glacier Point above Yosemite Valley, 250 miles away. Along the way it passes through lush meadows and deep forests, crosses big rivers and high passes. Unlike the rock and ice cathedrals of the JMT, the TST is decidedly more montane than alpine...

In Issue 47, @HappyHour shares this trip detailing his hike on the Theodore Solomons Trail. Read the full article at the link below:

Sierra Serenity: Through the Middle Sierra on the Solomons Trail

Hiking the Theodore Solomons Trail

Issue 47 Page 1

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First, nice detailed write up by Drew Smith for the Sierra article.

I'd like to know from Drew Smith if TH Nat Geo TI map collection listed at the end of his article covers the Theodore Solomon Tr/route seamlessly? I already have all the maps but one so might be easier for me. TU

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