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Breathable Waterproof jacket - fast paced hiking/humid environment


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Hi Guys,

I’d welcome some advice!

I live in the South of Portugal where I try to stay pretty fit including a lot of fast-paced hiking. 

It’s been an extremely bad winter for rain & likely to extend like this into the new year & I’m looking for a jacket that is very waterproof, breathable & lightweight that performs in heavy rain & quite humid conditions. 

So far, a lot of the jackets that I have had are full of condensation within minutes, soaking the wicking layers, so breathability/ventilation is absolutely key.

I like the look of the ARC'TERYX - Zeta SL but it’s lack of pit zips concerns me for steaming up. Does anyone have any recommendations? Note: it’s a pretty mild climate here even in mid-winter so heat retention is really not important.

Budget €200-€300.

Appreciate your thoughts!



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Michael aka Mac

I use jackets with ventilation zippers . If working up a sweat start unzipping the arm pit vents or side vents and this usually solves that problem Your wicking underlayers push the water outwards and this type of jacket does the rest

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