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Its been a long while for me. I haven't an overnight hike before. However, as a kid we rafted the Chama River for 3 days. Pulled over on the side of the river and made camp for the night. Had a blast! Camping in one spot for a couple days doesn't seem to compare. I am planning a 1 night trip up to Guadalupe Peak. I would like to take my time and take in the scenery. Start small and short.  From what I understand there is a small spot to camp on the trail. I also like to pack light. I plan to take my tent, 5lbs, sleeping bag, maybe 10lbs, aluminum cooking pan 2lbs, oatmeal, beef jerky, canned spaghetti (YUM!), trail mix, coffee, coffee cup, crackers, maybe a few more snacky snacks matches lighter, bowl. 7lbs maybe. I will also be taking an extra pair of pants, shorts, socks , underwear, jacket, shirt 10ish lbs. First aid kit. My small coleman propane canister with the small burner 5ish lbs. If I'm missing the kitchen sink and bathroom let me know. Water!!! Cant forget the water! I had read somewhere a person needs 1 liter per hour? Also, I hate shoes. They hurt. I prefer barefoot, but I know that's not possible. I have xero shoes, they're about as comfortable as a pair of shoes can get for me. If you have any suggestions for shoes, please, thank you. We will be going late October early November.  I also have a steep trail that I will be training on over the next several months. 

If I am missing something or overlooking something with the gear, let me know. 

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