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Its been a long while for me. I haven't an overnight hike before. However, as a kid we rafted the Chama River for 3 days. Pulled over on the side of the river and made camp for the night. Had a blast! Camping in one spot for a couple days doesn't seem to compare. I am planning a 1 night trip up to Guadalupe Peak. I would like to take my time and take in the scenery. Start small and short.  From what I understand there is a small spot to camp on the trail. I also like to pack light. I plan to take my tent, 5lbs, sleeping bag, maybe 10lbs, aluminum cooking pan 2lbs, oatmeal, beef jerky, canned spaghetti (YUM!), trail mix, coffee, coffee cup, crackers, maybe a few more snacky snacks matches lighter, bowl. 7lbs maybe. I will also be taking an extra pair of pants, shorts, socks , underwear, jacket, shirt 10ish lbs. First aid kit. My small coleman propane canister with the small burner 5ish lbs. If I'm missing the kitchen sink and bathroom let me know. Water!!! Cant forget the water! I had read somewhere a person needs 1 liter per hour? Also, I hate shoes. They hurt. I prefer barefoot, but I know that's not possible. I have xero shoes, they're about as comfortable as a pair of shoes can get for me. If you have any suggestions for shoes, please, thank you. We will be going late October early November.  I also have a steep trail that I will be training on over the next several months. 

If I am missing something or overlooking something with the gear, let me know. 

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Hey Dove76... well I don't have any particular advise to your post.  Sounds like you have a plan. (keep the shoes on) I believe I am going to use MRE's for food once I embark on my first trip.  This will cut down on weight I think. 

But I am interested in the trip you are planning.  I am in the West TX area and have recently heard about this Guadalupe Peak.  It sounds like a great "beginner" over night hike.  Please share any info or sites where I can read good info about this trip.  I do believe I will be giving it a try fairly soon.  I am still buying my main gear articles a little at a time.

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Michael aka Mac

Ok so this message is for both Dove  and John.A

Dove, 1st let me say that from what you wrote i can tell you that by camping definition you are no what one would call alight packer. I think you are over double the weight then my most of my camping setups ( i have a few for different seasons and locations)

Ultra light camping for example i think is around 10 lbs  i am close to 14-15 myself but i also bring a telescoping spinning fishing rod ( i love to fish) and a  solar/crank world radio w/weather alert with built in charging station for cell (1.5 lbs)  what can i say i love music too

There is a shoe like foot wear called 5 finger shoes. It looks like a glove but for feet and requires  a 5 finger sock as conventional socks wont work with them. I never have used them but know people that like walking bear foot that swear by them.

You can cut your weight by 1/2 for tent  same with sleeping bag with the lightweight & ultra lightweight versions available in online camping/hiking stores

I don't know how your aluminum cooking pan is 2lbs  as my Coleman mess kit i think is like under 8 oz (and that weight is for a pot n lid, pan, frying pan and cup combo)

Replacing your gear with lighter gear including clothing can shave off half your total weight

John A.  

MREs  will definitely NOT cut down on the weight. Official US military MREs are illegal to buy and the civilian versions are a lot less calories and far less substantial and yet still weigh a lot.  Those that wish to reduce weight either buy freeze dried dehydrated food or they cook a meal and use a dehydrator and rehydrate their meals saving them the water weight of the food. Or they bring food that is very high in calories compared to the total weigh  ie  the most caloric food per pound

 Good luck to both of you and enjoy your future trips and outings

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I was guessing the weight. I have my gear out and ill be taking stock of the actual weight and will drastically reduce what I will be bringing with me. I actually need to repair one of the rods to the tent. I should just replace it. This is what I will be taking...


Sleeping Bag

Water Bladder (its from my camel pak, fits right into my backpack)

Ultra Light Stove ( i just bought it, Its so tiny! )

Fuel canister



Cooking Pan

I gotts to have my Canned spaghetti! 

A couple MRE's

Beef Jerky 

first aid kit

Jim Beam!

I don't need extra clothes, or the 1 lb propane. Its one night. Ill take my shoes, but I probably wont wear them unless my feet get cold or start to hurt. My daughter has a couple of MRE's left over from leadership camp, Ill take those.  My worry is taking enough water. I have 4  bladders ( i need to see how many liters).  This will be split between my husband and I. 

I have been reading about backpacking and ultra lite hiking. I have been learning about pack rafting ( i know exactly where to go for this). I have several trips planned. I just need to set the dates and learn more before I go. I want to take as little as possible. Its amazing what they have done with some of the gear!

On one trip I will be taking our dog. I found a backpack to put her in so she can rest here and there, and I can still fit my stuff in it. I will be going back home to NM. I will get to go to the cabin and test it out a bit. See how she does.  Ill be adding a couple of fishing lures and a fishing pole to that one.  I am looking forward to going home. No electric, no running water, no tv, no phone, maybe a radio station. 

After going back home to NM, I will go to Guadalupe Peak. After that the Narrows. The narrows will be a day trip. No camping allowed. Then after that will be Arizona, Utah, Nevada. Then I think after that I will head out East. I remember doing some bouldering, hiking , camping and swimming in the rivers back east. 

In between I will be doing some kayaking trips here in Texas on some of the rivers....as long as the darn things don't flood!  They're either dry and empty or flooding! 

I figure I need to start out doing a short trip and start extending them slowly. 

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Michael aka Mac

I am not sure which MRE manufacturer your MREs are, but I will reiterate that they are by far the heaviest foods to bring with you. If you are still hard struck on bringing them, may i suggest the following:

A lot of the weight from MREs are the heater ( 1 heater could heat 3 meals easily) , and the packaging. I would remove the heavy duty plastic bag it comes in and empty anything that is in a box (ie the main entrées and side dishes  are usually in a box then within that a sealed heavy duty bag) any condiments that u know u wont use  leave them at home. If there are going to be 3 of you, assuming 3 meals a day,   9 MREs , you only need 1 heater for every 3 meals, so you can leave 6 heaters at home saving a lot of weight there too.

 With regard to the water issue, if you are going to be near a stream, river, lake, or spigot, you can bring with you water filtration device or water purification tablets.

Last with regard to weight, none of my mess kits that have multiple pots n pans weighs anywhere close to 2 lbs. so that one pan your bringing is a killer in weight.   You may also want to consider buying ultra light compact sleeping bag as mine is  a 30 ° F weighing in at under 1 lb. 7 oz.  is approx. 8 lbs. 9 oz lighter then the one you are using

Eventually u may opt for the ultra lightweight wood burning stove they average in size 3.5" -6" in height  and 3oz.-8oz. in weight and you dont have to bring food as you can use leaves, twigs etc for fuel.

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