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I need to train a bit. I haven't been active for quite a while due to health and just life in General. Busy Busy! My health issues are getting better thankfully.  So, before I set out, I need to strengthen my muscles and get used to carrying a pack. That's Why I set my sights on a small one night trip. 

Question, about how much should I be adding to my pack when I train? When I say train, I mean daily walks. And I have a nice, steep, rocky hill I have access to. I basically don't know what to do to prepare my muscles. 

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Aaron Zagrodnick

In reality anything will help, whether walking with or without a pack, just be careful not to take it too far where you end up getting a nagging injury of some type. The best way to train is by actually hiking, but for me running is a good substitute as it really gets the legs, cardio, and feet ready without having to carry a pack in training. And it takes less time to run a couple miles than to walk it when you're just training close to home. But if you're taking a training pack along I'd probably go with whatever is convenient, maybe test with the same pack weight you expect to take if you're not used to it / need to get an idea of how far you can go.

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Mantra Man

I would echo the comments to try a session with your actual weight that you expect, and also use the actual pack you will use.  You want to eliminate any chaffing or pressure points before you head out.  I like to use a hip belt and it always takes a while to get it dialed in perfectly.  Don't forget to eliminate items you don't need, as that will likely be more important than training!   

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