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I hate them. Seriously hate them. They hurt. I have tried may kinds. The best so far(but still a tad uncomfy) are Xero shoes. I have the shoes and the sandals. I am a dog walker and I have actually walked dogs without my shoes. I know. Not very professional....but...ya...hate shoes. I took them off at some point during day hikes as a kid and the few times we went bouldering as well. 

When I wear shoes, my feet ache during and after. If my feet get hot, I get hot and sick to my stomach.  I hate socks too. They make my feet feel like they are being smothered and constricted. So socks and shoes are just horrible. Moving on...

Question, Xero shoes don't have the tread I need for hiking and neither do the sandals. Is there a minimalist shoe that you could recommend for hiking that has the tread I need?

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Aaron Zagrodnick

I think Xero has some more trail oriented shoes that might have the tread you are looking for if those fit you best. I’m wearing the Lone Peaks from Altra - not minimalist but they are zero drop. Tread and breathability get no complaints from me:

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