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Making new trail blazes

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We recently purchased a home that comes with a large forested area. Our goal is to put in some hiking trails through it. What is the best kind of trail blaze (that is, the easiest to see, longest lasting, and least disruptive to the wilderness)? Colored trail tape, paint, or something else?

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The current thinking is colored tape: easy to see, long lasting (better than cairns) and zero damage to the environment.

Of course, if it's your own property you can do what you want...including creating a trail tread that it obvious enough to not require any other marker...

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Aaron Zagrodnick

(For private land that I owned only) I would use small cairns. I would then use the trails so that as balzaccom mentioned, the trails developed to where no markings would be necessary and then disassemble the cairns if desired. Although it looks like biodegradable flagging tape is made bright flagging tape is an eyesore to me, but perhaps white cotton string or twill ribbon could be substituted for a more natural look and would naturally degrade.

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