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    I certainly made them aware of it... I don't know if they were aware at first. I encouraged them to read their wilderness permit.
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    Sounds like you may be good to go! You'll just have to check the manufactured date - Mountain House has changed to a retroactive 30 year guarantee on shelf life so long as it was made after 1985:
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    Exactly, so, Aaron. Others with bright colored gear does actually give me and advantage, though. If I can see them, I am too close! I much prefer to be solo out in the backcountry. Solitude is a good thing for me, it heightens my appreciation for all things wild.
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    I've used DWR and other water repellent treatments on boots and shoes, but only on footwear with a waterproof liner already. The main reason was re-treatment of the leather or fabrics just to keep them from soaking up too much water which adds weight / increases dry times / reduces any breathability a waterproof / breathable membrane might offer. I would agree with jay that most treatments are pretty temporary when it comes to shoes or boots, with as much abrasion that they're subjected to, whether brush, snow, rocks, etc. anything wears off really quickly compared to most other gear. Depending on the weather I would suggest going with either an all waterproof system complete with gaiters or go entirely the other direction by going as breathable as possible. I wrote more on hiking footwear choices here (arranged by season) as well in case it helps!
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    Fairly new hiker here. Been hiking and rock scrambling for a bit- informally. Going to Ireland soon. Hiking a bit there. Should be amazing. Cheers! I will appreciate all the feedback I get in the Forum questions.
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    I have backpacked in the Highlands of Scotland and can relate to that. In my experience, sprays can work temporarily. Most that I have tried, however, don't last much past one or 2 good soakings. Others here might have some better ideas than I do on this, but I usually try to carry plenty of extra socks and air my feet out whenever I can. One thing I learned about waterproof boots tho, if water gets in them, it doesn't come out. I got caught in a storm and had my pants tucked into my boots. Water ended up soaking thru my pants and running into my boots.