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    Oh, that's perfect! too bad there wasn't one of those old Styrofoam head wig holders with it!
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    Hiking in the Smoky Mountains, there are all kinds of hidden gems...if you know where to look. One item that I hiked to a few years ago is an old boiler engine that was used to transport logs up/down the mountainside from the Clingmans Dome area. It's about a mile-ish off trail, but wasn't hard at all to find. NOTE: this isn't my pic.....I wasn't able to access mine.
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    Beautiful issue. Thank you!
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    Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday season. May this time and the next year be filled with Peace and Plenty.
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    I took a Cajun cooking class years ago. We visited NOLA. Wonderful cuisine. I grew up on Chesapeake Bay. Then I moved to Puget Sound. I would rather eat things that come out of the ocean more than anything else.
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    This is one of my favorite recipes. I love everything about this soup from the easy five minute home prep to the uniquely satisfying earthy aroma of mushrooms simmering in a rich broth at the end of a perfect day in the woods. Ingredients are easy to find in any supermarket. Dried mushrooms are sold in one ounce packages, typically in the produce section or readily available online. Beef broth powder (or beef soup mix), found in the bulk food section, combines with whole milk powder (Nido) and butter to create a rich broth. Orzo pasta is slightly larger than rice grains and is a backpacker’s best kept secret, giving this soup a hearty feel and rehydrating in a... In Issue 37 Karen Garmire shares an intriguing recipe sure to be a great fit for those chilly spring trips - check out the article in Issue 37: Backcountry Cuisine 37: Beef and Mushroom Soup Issue 37 Page 1