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    Nice issue Aaron. Sean Jansen's piece on the Bridger Range was of special interest as this is literally my backyard. Other than being way too close to Bozeman, there remain numerous areas that you can still get "lost" in that range not to mention the skiing.
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    I agree with getting there anytime you can. I am not a fan of going when there is a high density of other visitors, personally, I head to the wilds to avoid people. We did see bears, fattening up before winter, and just about every other form of wildlife there. The best part of that time of year for me was that there were no mosquitos or other biting insects.
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    Thanks @Aaron, happy to answer any questions people may have ...
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    I have been out there twice now, once in early spring (1st week of May) and once in early Sept. Both seasons have benefits of course. For our spring trip the bears were ravenous and VERY active. We saw grizzly every single day we were there, usually more than one. Watched as one grizzly came out of the woods and chased some wolves off an elk carcass. The cool think about the fall trip was the rutting elk. They were bugling and chasing cows constantly, and if you aren't from the mountain west that is really an impressive thing too. The bottom line is there probably is not a bad time to go. Just go!