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Sleeping bag petite women/kids

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Hi everyone,

I've started planning a thru hike that I'm aiming to do within the next three years but I love hiking either way so I'm looking for gear that is not necessarily thru hike specific.

I'm looking for sleeping bag recommendations specifically for shorter women, although I have not ruled out quilts.


1) I'm 5"0' and petite. I've looked at kids/junior sleeping bags and I fit in many but they often don't go below 20 F. (So if anyone can find me some, that'd be awesome!)

2) Cold sleeper so aiming for 15 F.

3) No preference for synthetic or down. I'll happily choose a synthetic bag if cost, weight and packed size is alright.

4) I'm not aiming for ultralight but lighter is of course better + packed size. I share my tent load + cooking utensils with my partner so I can go a little heavier on other essentials if necessary.

Additional question: I was really drawn to Big Agnes because they have a lot of sleeping bags for petite women and a few for kids that I would fit in. But it seems you have to buy a big pad for them to be good because there's no insulation at the back?

Can anyone vouch for these bags if they're any good (without a big pad)?

Thank you!!

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