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  • About the Magazine

    In 2012 we started TrailGroove Magazine to provide a unique online media experience for the backpacking and hiking community. Our goal is to go back to the basics as an outdoor publication with a focus on the hiking and backpacking experience that we all seek on (or for some of us, off) the trail. Delivered digitally on a quarterly schedule, the standard online version of TrailGroove Magazine is free to read, or you can download your own Premium PDF copy to view the magazine in high definition, read offline, and access bonus content from time to time (all included + more with a Premium Subscription).

    In TrailGroove Magazine you’ll read about trails you've always heard about and some you didn't know existed, technique, food, news, tips, and much more. You’ll find honest reviews of gear we actually bought and use ourselves, and entertaining outdoor writing with top-notch photography from contributors across the United States and beyond. On the TrailGroove Blog you’ll find a stream of articles between each issue, and every day on our forums you’ll find a community of like-minded outdoor enthusiasts who are united by the trail and the interest we all share for the outdoors.

    Energy & Environmental Awareness

    It’s no secret that we love the outdoors, and we're committed to running a magazine in the most ecologically conscious manner that we can. Our magazine is published online instead of using a conventional printing process where paper, ink, and shipping factors are all involved. In the past we additionally purchased carbon offsets to account for our digital energy usage, however as of late we're now offsetting our footprint via our own solar energy.

    Review Policy

    We're committed to providing the most objective gear reviews you'll find anywhere - we don't ask for or accept review samples from manufacturers and don't publish gear reviews in exchange for any type of compensation. As such, we're reviewing the same products that you would use and aren't reviewing handpicked review samples, freebie, discounted, or paid review items, or anything obtained under any pretense or assumption of a TrailGroove review. Note that this policy doesn't apply to any pre-release products that we may obtain prior to market release for review. In such cases, we'll clearly state that the product was obtained from the manufacturer for a sneakpeak, pre-release evaluation in the review.

    We use a 5-star rating scale for our reviews:

    ccs-3-143508936441.thumb.png.c32172a024bccs-3-143508936441.thumb.png.c32172a024bccs-3-143508936441.thumb.png.c32172a024bccs-3-143508936441.thumb.png.c32172a024bccs-3-143508936441.thumb.png.c32172a024b Excellent

    ccs-3-143508936441.thumb.png.c32172a024bccs-3-143508936441.thumb.png.c32172a024bccs-3-143508936441.thumb.png.c32172a024bccs-3-143508936441.thumb.png.c32172a024bccs-3-143508936443.thumb.png.2cb1409b19c Very Good

    ccs-3-143508936441.thumb.png.c32172a024bccs-3-143508936441.thumb.png.c32172a024bccs-3-143508936441.thumb.png.c32172a024bccs-3-143508936443.thumb.png.2cb1409b19cccs-3-143508936443.thumb.png.2cb1409b19c Good

    ccs-3-143508936441.thumb.png.c32172a024bccs-3-143508936441.thumb.png.c32172a024bccs-3-143508936443.thumb.png.2cb1409b19cccs-3-143508936443.thumb.png.2cb1409b19cccs-3-143508936443.thumb.png.2cb1409b19c Average

    ccs-3-143508936441.thumb.png.c32172a024bccs-3-143508936443.thumb.png.2cb1409b19cccs-3-143508936443.thumb.png.2cb1409b19cccs-3-143508936443.thumb.png.2cb1409b19cccs-3-143508936443.thumb.png.2cb1409b19c Poor


    TrailGroove Magazine wouldn't exist without you...Remember, this is your magazine! If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, advertising or general inquiries, you can send us a message here.

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