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Where is everyone planning to go this year?


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12 hours ago, HikerJen said:

I know - I'm so proud of him and glad that he chose to spend his summers working with other kids and teaching them outdoor and LNT skills.  Now, he's coming back to lead our Scouts/Venturers on a high adventure trip this summer and I'll be able to hike with him again.  it's going to be great!


You might remember I mentioned to you before that my oldest son was on staff at Camp Bartle for a couple of summers.  He had a great experience and received Mic O Say advancement to boot!  He moved to his own apartment last year, when he packed we went thru his old scout and Bartle stuff.  Wonderful father and son time!

But Philmont would be extra special.  Congrats, these memories will be with you both forever.

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