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Solo hiking wth a personal locator beacon ?


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I carry a PLB because when I started backpacking solo 5 years ago I had little  backcountry experience and the PLB gave me the extra "security" I wanted in case something went wrong in a big way. I also like knowing that if I come across someone else in an emergency I can send out a distress signal for them too.

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Hiking solo puts you at risk, and therefore also puts rescue teams at risk.  Is it not the shared  responsibility of a solo or remote hiker to limit the use of resources used to find stranded hikers?  Some hikers sound too proud or misinformed by chosing not to use a PLB.  Enjoy your solo hikes but do not kid yourself to think others would be okay with the time, effort, and tax dollars used to find you.

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I can relate to Seano.  Being solo means you automatically have to be careful, all the time. 

Most of my solo hiking was before cell phones, much less modern beacons and Sat phones. 

I think having a dependable device is a great idea.  I usually carry a cell phone.

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