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Kayak camping


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Ancient thread but it's worth noting in the Forum and thread we don't always have to choose a single activity. We can combine paddling(kayaking/packrafting/canoeing/etc),  bike packing, side summiting/climbing, fishing, photography, foraging for edibles, history, geology, spelunking, etc elements. It really can make for a more exciting fuller experienced trip.

I learned long ago, when I was then more stressed and anal about doing those miles getting the hike in backpacker,  from a wise LD backpacker, backpacking/hiking is not just about hiking, or at least it doesn't have to be.

I would have missed and not contributed as much in ignorance not  adding canoeing, kayaking, fishing, photography, snorkeling, diving, caving, seeking history,  etc etc in on trips to the BWCA, Superior Tr, Channel Islands/Isle Royale/Volcanoes NP's,  Yosemite and Sequoia NP's, Carlsbad Caverns NP,  beach hikes along the Oregon and California  Coastal Trails, coastal hikes in Hawaii, Sheltowee Trace, AT, PCT, and CDT hikes, etc     

Currently organizing a Mountains to Sea Tr thru-hike alternatively paddling(light touring yak) some segments 200+ miles of the 1200 mile trail. Bucket list includes  bike packing/hiking/soaking trip of Aria Zoner's Hot Spring Tr and yaking the Missouri River.

It's nice changing and mixing  things up on a trip.

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I have been going on overnight canoe trips for 57 years.  Mostly we run big rivers in the West for a week.  Lately I have gone back to rafting because it allows faster gradients further up in the forested watersheds.  I have been a few sea kayak trips on the salt water. 

Canoeing is like backpacking with a cooler and furniture. Rafting  allows for all kinds of things.  At the end of a week we still have cold beer and ice.  People that run big rivers like the Grand Canyon are famous for figuring out how to have ice for 3 weeks.  I like cooking in Dutch ovens on a fire and camping on a sand bar somewhere that has not seen humans in decades.  The older I get the more interested I am in canoes and rafts.  At 67 I am slower now with a pack, but in a boat I as good as I ever was.  Now we have better judgement and avoid the really difficult rapids. 

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I yakked the Congaree River in SC to the NP, tied up, did a 24 mile hiking loop, and yakked on.

For my NC Mountains to Sea Tr thru I paddled some 117 miles on the Neuse River instead of road walking(mainly. 

I rented a sea yak for a surf n turf Channel Island NP trip. If you're not experiencing CI NP on and under the water you're missing out BIG time.

Same with a surf n turf  Isle Royale NP trip.

On a Osark Highlands thru I rented a yak and added a two night paddle on the Mulberry River.

On a Colorado Tr thru I rented a yak in Salida at an outfitters and added a 3 night paddle on the Arkansas River.

Next month I'm surf n turfing Cumberland National Seashore in GA.

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Michael aka Mac

An old thread that sees new life...

Honestly this thread should never be let to die out as paddling and camping are 2 words that go hand and hand.

One advantage of canoe camping is what Ppine mentioned: you can bring a lot of gear including furniture, large fully stacked cooler, etc.  Although I have gone canoe camping I really prefer kayak camping now  as it is easier on my back with a full back length kayak seat, and it is easier to get in and out of let not to mention easier to take it out of the water and mount it to truck.  Since I use a 13 foot sit-on-top Angler's Kayak that holds up to 400 lbs.,  I am able to bring pretty much anything I need for the trip.  I am at the point where being on the water just feels  comforting and I end up fishing, eating and drinking while kayaking all the while listening to some music.

  I even bought a drogue, anchor and snorkeling gear to add but another water sport while kayaking.

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