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Feathered Friends Eos Jacket Review

Aaron Zagrodnick

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Aaron Zagrodnick

For backpackers in all but the most temperate and low elevation climates, a down jacket is an almost indispensable piece of gear. While fleece jackets, wool sweaters, or synthetic insulation pieces can provide warmth, their ability to do so at a comparable warmth-to-weight ratio as a down jacket is lacking. Although synthetic pieces are certainly catching up in the warmth-to-weight regard and their ability to insulate when wet provides a distinct advantage, there is a reason why the most common insulating jacket you'll see on backpackers is the down jacket – it works well and has been proven (and improved) over time. There are also plenty of down jackets to choose from – hundreds of options appear when searching "down jacket" on online outdoor retailers. Most backpackers will want a jack-of-all-trades type of down jacket. The Feathered Friends Eos is an excellent example of this type of down jacket and, after a year of wearing it on various trips in the Northern Rockies and Pacific Northwest, I’ve found that it’s overall an excellent jacket in general. One of Feathered Friends lightweight jackets (the company also offers jackets in midweight and expedition categories), the hooded Eos is an ideal jacket for serious backpackers who don't cancel trips because the forecast might involve some ice forming in their water bottle overnight. While not warm enough – or intended for – use as a primary insulating layer in extreme cold, this jacket will keep you warm in all but the most record-breaking temperatures or highest...

In Issue 38, @Mark provides a detailed review of the Feathered Friends Eos jacket, a lightweight, sub-1lb down jacket high on warmth and low on weight. Check out the full review below:

Feathered Friends Eos Review

Feathered Friends Eos Down Jacket Review.JPG

Issue 38 Page 1

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