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4-5 day loop thru hike in August somewhere in the US?


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Mark Wetherington
On 3/15/2019 at 12:16 PM, ChrisF said:

Thanks for this! That looks like a great hike. Here's a map of that area, with a light yellow highlight of the loop I think you're suggesting. I assume this took about 4 days?


Yep, that is exactly the loop I did. I did it over four nights/five days. I stayed at dose meadows two nights and did a dayhike up to sentinel peak and just took it easy. I also stayed at cedar lake on my way in and went cross country to gray wolf pass, but I wouldn’t recommend that for novice hikers. If you stick with the trails, you’ll be fine. 

I might suggest doing the trip over four nights anyways — make the day after dose meadows east and camp at upper Cameron. The climb up grand pass is absolutely brutal and the way I hiked it had me climbing lost, Cameron, and grand passes in one day.

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