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Hiking the Escalante: Colors and Canyons

Aaron Zagrodnick

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Aaron Zagrodnick

It’s a land of seemingly infinite slickrock and canyons, anchored by the Escalante River and its tributaries. The landscape’s intense colors are dominated by red and ivory sandstone and accented by brilliant green cottonwoods and willows along the waterways. In the deep slot canyons, the reds take on shades unimagined…maroon, purple, and indigo. Easy it’s not. Exceptional, it is, and worth every ounce of effort for the experience. Within the massive Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument of southern Utah, the canyons of the Escalante region offer endless opportunities for hiking, with plenty of tantalizing slot canyons to entice the adventurer. On a recent trip to the area I met my hiking buddy, Joan Whitacre, for a stay in the town of Escalante and three days of exploring the canyons...

In Issue 41, @Susan Dragoo shows us a sample of what southern Utah has to offer. Take a look at the article below:

Hiking the Escalante: Colors and Canyons

Hiking the Escalante

Issue 41 Page 1

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