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REI Flexlite Air Chair Review

Aaron Zagrodnick

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Aaron Zagrodnick

While some categories of backpacking gear have already gone from heavy to as light as possible and already cycled back to achieve a balance between weight and durability using currently available materials and technology, of all things the backpacking chair stills seems to be in the middle of this cycle. As lighter and more packable chair designs supersede previous models on a near yearly basis, the latest and lightest chair to hit the market in the lightweight, somewhat contradictory to say ultralight chair market is the Flexlite Air from REI. While if you’re looking to hit the trail and go as light as possible no chair is the obvious choice, it is hard to deny the comfort that a lightweight chair can offer in camp, and if you’ll be spending more than one night at a location instead of continuously moving daily, a lightweight chair can start to make more and more sense. The Flexlite Air is a chair featuring a shock-corded aluminum frame with a removable ripstop nylon DWR seat. The poles are designed around 2 hubs...

We review the lightweight Flexlite Air Chair from REI - check out the full review below in Issue 43:

REI Flexlite Air Chair Review

REI Flexlite Air Chair Review

Issue 43 Page 1

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