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Hiking the Bridger Range of Montana

Aaron Zagrodnick

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Aaron Zagrodnick

The view out the cabin window was nothing short of spectacular. Sitting perched at an elevation overlooking the Gallatin Valley, the city of Bozeman, and most importantly the Bridger Mountains; aptly named by the locals, “The Bridgers” or “Bridger Range.” A spine that shoots up from the plains with a sheer drop on either side and a ridge that beckons the call for exploration. A sunset glow pierces the cabin window with the fire outside ablaze. The orange glow glissades down the edges of the range, calling out an invitation for a view of the sunset. The evening crept in and the fire glowed, with seemingly the only light left in the world beyond that the flicker of the evening stars. Although my home base of Bozeman was adjacent to the Bridgers, I’d rented a Forest Service cabin above town for the weekend. A quick glance from the fire towards the direction of the range warmed the heart and my smile widened with my mind full of plans for the following day in the Bridgers. While the cabin wasn’t actually in the Bridger Range, the view that it provided of the range served as inspiration for countless adventures to follow...

@jansenjournals shares this article that introduces us to the hiking and exploration opportunities in the Bridger Range of Montana - you can take a look at the article at the link below in Issue 44:

A Ridge of Riches: Exploring the Bridger Range of Montana

Hiking in Montana's Bridger Range

Issue 44 Page 1

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