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Backcountry Fishing – Tenkara

Aaron Zagrodnick

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Aaron Zagrodnick

Tenkara was born and still lives in the mountains of Japan.Although likely dating back further, the earliest recorded mention of the Tenkara fishing style dates back to 1878, when British diplomat Ernest Mason Satow referenced it in his work. At that time, Tenkara was a tool used by commercial fishermen out of necessity and simplicity. Rods were constructed from bamboo, lines were handmade, and flies were tied with various materials available at home using a bent sewing needle. Fishermen used only a single fly pattern as they believed presentation was the key to catching fish, and switching flies was considered a waste of invaluable time...

Ben Libbey details the Tenkara method of fishing in the backcountry, a great way for backpackers to keep their fishing kit lightweight, simple, and effective. Read the full article below in Issue 9:

Tenkara Fishing

Issue 9 Page 1

Backcountry Fishing, an Introduction to Tenkara

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