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What type of tent do you use?


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I've had a bunch of tents over the years but have probably been using my Golite Shangri-La 1 the longest. I have both the inner net tent and the bathtub floor that clip into it.


Camping at the timberline, I tend to need a freestanding tent. I've been using this Sierra Designs Convert 2 for past couple of years but its a bit heavy for solo use so it is being replaced with an Easton Kilo Carbon 2p.


For family camping, we have a big Spring Bar canvas tent with a portico option. That tent is great. Then there's 4 person and 2 person Mountainsmith backpacking tents, which are good bang for the buck tents, especially with a nice coupon code from Sierra Trading Post, have nice features and the 4p has held up surprisingly well in a couple of bad storms.

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My current tent is a Big Agnes Jack Rabbit UL2. Weight including poles and stakes is 4lbs 2oz which is light enough for me. :) I love the two vestibules and all the extra room when camping alone.


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I love my Big Agnes, in this case the Slater UL3+ which is a bit bigger than the Jack Rabbit (full 3 person tent) and the vestibule is nuts. It's about 3/4 of a pound heavier yet packs about the same.




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Six Moons Design Lunar Solo - super light, roomy, easy to set up, and it was cheap. Single wall so you get condensation, but it doesn't drip on you.

Easton Rimrock 1 - Very durable and weatherproof, easy to set up, and it was cheap. Heavier & more bulky than an ultralight tent, but comfy in bad weather.

Kelty Salida 2 - Usually my car camping tent, but can be used for backpacking.

Cheapass 8' x 8' Coleman for car camping with the family.

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I have used a few different shelters backpacking. I started with a one man sierra design, don't know exactly what is was since it was a hand-me-down. I didn't like this because ithad no vestibule space and my backpack/boots barely fit at the foot of the tent. I then purchased a Kelty Teton 2. This was a great tent since I started bringing my dog with me and he sleeps in the tent with me, the only issue I had was when someone else camped with me or if I needed to spend a rainy day in the tent there was no "living space."

Next I purchased both the Kelty Trail Logic TN 2 and the Kelty Upslope tarp. I have used the tarp as a standalone shelter, but only a few times. It has plenty of room for two and gear but doesn't protect from many of the elements. The Trail Logic is awesome! Pretty good weight and plenty of vestibule and living space for two and my 75 lb dog. The fly can be pulled back for start gazing and put back into place from inside the tent in the case of an unexpected rain. I also have the option of combining the tarp and the tent to create a GIANT vestibule, similar to the Big Agnes above, but without a full closure door.

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