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Uniqlo Ultralight Down Parka Review

Aaron Zagrodnick

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Aaron Zagrodnick

In the outdoor industry, there is often a cycle: A well-known manufacturer will create an outdoor garment. The garment is combination of being stylish, functional and practical. The garment becomes a de facto standard of outdoor wear. Mid-range manufacturers make a similar garment. The outdoor gear becomes mainstream fashion and becomes ubiquitous. What was once meant for the outdoors is now seen at the local coffee shop worn by people checking their Facebook updates on an iPhone. But another funny thing happens. Manufacturers of fashion wear create copies of the high-end outdoor wear for urban use…

Paul Magnanti evaluates this lightweight and affordable down parka, read the full review below in Issue 18:

Uniqlo Ultralight Down Parka Review

Uniqlo Ultralight Down Parka Review

Issue 18 Page 1

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