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REI e-Gift Card Holiday Giveaway

Aaron Zagrodnick


Note: Contest Ended 12/25/12. Results can be found Here.

Happy Holidays from TrailGroove! To celebrate the holidays and the end of the year we're giving away 3 $50 REI e-Gift cards!

We're mixing it up a bit this time with multiple ways to enter...

REI Gift Card

Here's the scoop:

1. Respond to this blog post with a comment on your favorite piece of backpacking or hiking gear that you used in 2012 to enter, with a brief explanation as to why that piece of gear worked so well for you.

2. Your comment from 12/8 - 12/25 @ Noon Mountain Time counts as one entry.

3. Once entered, any posts you make in the forum as well as any additional comments on blog entries and individual magazine issue releases will count as one additional entry per post / comment.

4. 3 random comments / posts selected on 12/25 @ Noon Mountain Time using a random number generator to determine the winners.

5. We'll then send the e-gift cards to the email address you used when you registered on the site.

6. New for this round! Our last contest ended on 9/20 at 8 PM Mountain Time. If you enter this contest by leaving a comment below, (See step 1 above) any forum posts or comments you've made on the site since the last contest ended are automatically counted as one entry each!

The Fine Print:

For the entries to count, posts & comments should be applicable to backpacking, hiking, the outdoors, etc., and at least somewhat constructive towards the community. For instance, we won't be able to count intentionally repeated posts, spam, one word posts (Unless it's a really good one word post), 100 posts in the last 10 minutes of the contest, or posts that don't meet our basic forum guidelines agreed to when you Register. Essentially, use basic judgment and all of your posts will count! Additionally, you can only win a maximum of one card.

REI has been running some great deals lately, (Check out the Official REI Coupons & Rebates Page Here - Opens in a new window) so 3 lucky winners should be able to score some great gear! Thanks for visiting, happy holidays & hiking, and good luck!



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Vivobarefoot Breatho trail shoes. Probably not for everyone, but I find they offer not just physical benefits when I am backpacking in that they allow me to "feel" the trail, but mental benefits as well. I feel younger, like we did when we were kids running freely and often barefoot. Any minimalist shoes do take time to condition to (I'm at one year and assume I have another full year to complete the transition). I would just tell you to try it, but go slow. If you like the feel, stick with it. If not, then no problem. Just a warning, unless you are super careful, you will likely face some minor injuries in the transition. You will be using muscles and tendons in a way you have not in years if not decades. But one you have transitioned to strong feet, ankle and leg muscles, then you will never be able to go back.

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One of my favorite places to hike is along the Florida Trail. Recently I purchased a Sierra Design Clip Flashlight 2. You might be thinking "heavy and cheap", but for the wet and humid Florida weather this tent works great (also was the only thing I could afford). This tent has kept us dry in any conditions. Heavy? yes. Cheap? even better.

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I rediscovered my Trangia burner in a box stashed away in the garage, I started using it this summer and fell in love with it again.

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Probably my most used piece of equipment are my hiking poles. The pair I have now are old, heavy and beat up and I love them. I NEVER, ever leave home without them. These poles propel me uphill, stabilize me when I am headed downhill and are used to tap on rocks to scare away any snakes that are hiding! An REI card would help me purchase a pair of Black Diamond Z Pole Ultra Distance that I demoed this summer.

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I'm loving my Sawyer Squeeze. It's quick, easy, and I've modified it into a gravity-feed system so if I choose I can set it and forget it. The only downsides are the difficulty to gather water in shallow or stagnant water sources. I should also mention that replacing the provided Sawyer bags with Evernew water bladders is a great decision as well.

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My new ZPacks Medium cuben fiber dry bag. The inside is lined with fleece on one side so when you get to camp you turn it inside out and fill with unused clothes and it makes a nice soft pillow. Super light and multi functional.

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Esbit stove great light weight stove for boiling water. Also pretty low cost.

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Titanium spork from R.E.I. nothing is so practical and "green" as this product. It can take direct flame and still work as good as new. No more melted plastic utensils for me.

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For me just switching to a hammock has made a huge difference in my comfort out there. Along with the hammock I outfitted it with two sets of quilts and a tarp from hammock gear. Not technically one piece of gear but my sleeping system has defiantly been the best new gear of 2012.

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My fav item of hiking gear are my moccasins! We like to climb the hills to our fav spots with a nice view. I find it sooo much easier to trapse with shoes that I can get a better hold with the flexibility than with hiking boots, and they are so lightweight I luv them! No special fancy brand, but I would like to have many things from REI!!!

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Roaming Gnome


My favorite item would have to be my sleeping bag. It is home made and good for zero below temps as well as warm weather, wind proof and waterproof. Store bought item favorite would be my Leki hiking poles which go every where I go.

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Getting OLD does come with it's drawbacks, like sleeping on the hard cold ground. My new Therm-A-Rest Z Lite has been a great insulator this past summer and should be even better when I remember my Neo X Lite. Like I said, getting Old does has its drawbacks.

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