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AT section maps

randy grider

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Anyone have a source for dree downloadable maps of a section of the AT ? Im interested in Damascus Virginia thru to narrows, VA. This may be all I will ever need, and figured surely there are some free sectional maps out there. Thanks in advance !

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Unfortunately, I do not know of any free maps for the Appalachian Trail. Odd as there are similar free maps (plus the printing costs) for the PCT and CDT.

Though not free, the Postholer map books are $30+ a book. One book should more than cover the section.

Another option, though electronic, is the Guthook app which are sold by section. $9 ea.

Of course, you could use Cal Topo and print out the 7.5 quads for free..but that might be ungainly for the AT.

Sorry..again, no free option I know of that would work well for the AT strictly. I will say it is a very easy to follow trail.

More info:


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I'm not sure how accurate this is, but I've been looking at Trailheadfinder.com lately because I'm hiking a section of the AT this summer.  It's a really interesting site.  Find your trail, zoom in as much as you like, change the view to topo or satellite; add in mileage markers, shelters, and parking areas.  The top portion shows the trail and topography and the bottom section shows the elevation by distance, and you can even follow along with your mouse.  It's pretty cool.  You might be able to take screen shots with your computer.  But again, I'm not sure how accurate it is.  I purchased a map from the Appalachian Conservancey which comes with a fairly detailed guidebook.  I'll definitely be taking that.

And, Paul. I'll be checking our your link - I need all the information I can get to make sure this is an awesome trip!

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