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With The Hard New England winter, are others as excited as I am to get out onto the trail?

With the snow still waist high in the mountains, are there any others out there waiting the winter out on this or other forums?

Let's get some activity and discussions!

Happy trails

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About this active.

I could recommend a winter destination in California for next year. It's our best backpacking season while others shovel snow.

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Thanks for the reply.

Unfortunately, California is not an option for me, as winter is my busy time for work. (plus, then I'd miss the ice fishing here)

I have thought many times about the PCT, though. Maybe someday.

I've found that there isn't really a hiking forum which is too active, with the exception of a couple of AT ones (and I try to avoid the AT when out in the woods)

I can, and do, get down south (GA or AL) for a long weekend or two during the winter. Much more manageable (I live in MA) than the long flight to CA.

Thanks again for the reply.

Stay in touch!

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Yeah the active hiker forums are going extict like dinosaurs, although I know a couple that are active but specific to a certain area. I think you can't beat Santa Barbara in the winter or the High Sierra July-August, so you might remember that one day when your feet are itching to wander.

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