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Backpacking the Bailey Range


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I thought I knew what cold was.

I’ve skied my whole life, often powering through temperatures way below zero in search of fresh tracks. But five days into a trek across Olympic National Park – at low elevation in mid-summer – I finally learned the meaning of “cold down to my bones.” I was huddled in a partially drenched down sleeping bag wearing all the clothes I had with me, in a tent and on a pad, and yet the shivering wouldn’t stop. And my hiking partner Jevan – well, he wasn’t faring much better…

Eli Burakian writes on his experience traversing the Bailey Range in Olympic National Park with some amazing scenery – Check out the article below in Issue 21:

Across Olympic National Park - An Extended Backcountry Traverse of the Bailey Range

Backpacking the Bailey Range, Washington - The Bailey Traverse

Issue 21 Page 1

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What would Bear Grylls do at night in the mountains, with no water and an empty canteen? Hmm...


I have to admit, I prefer your approach.

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Grylls is a fool. Someday soon we will be reading his obituary.

When I was at UW a long time ago, we considered a plan to re-enact the Press Expedition which was the first crossing of the Olympic Mountains. It did not take place until around 1904.  We never did the trip.  The Oly Peninsula is a tough environment even though Mick Dodge has managed to only hike in the those woods when the sun is out.

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