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Waterfall Loop Hikes in New Hampshire

Aaron Zagrodnick

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Aaron Zagrodnick

The White Mountains in New Hampshire are renowned for having the best hiking east of the Mississippi River. Treeline in New Hampshire is around 4,000 feet, and there are forty-eight mountains in the state that rise above this level. Most people have heard of Mt. Washington, infamous for the “worst weather in the world” and mountain climbers of all levels train in the Whites for major expeditions. In addition to the beautiful peaks however, there are a ton of small and large waterfalls throughout the region…

Eli Burakian details some interesting loop hikes in New Hampshire featuring waterfalls along the way, take a look in Issue 22:

Short Waterfall Loop Hikes in the White Mountains of New Hampshire

Short Waterfall Loop Hikes in New Hampshire

Issue 22 Page 1

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