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If you could live anywhere in the US....


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I know... I would love to get out there sooner...

I was talking with Brian Green about his recent hike up to the summit of Mt Whitney and I was a bit jealous...looking at his pics and hearing him talk about it... wow... I told him that if he plans to go next year to let me know so I could tag along... :)

And I would love to check out some of the other long trails... looking through pics of those hikes, it just seems so big and open...as opposed to the tunneled trails I generally find myself on...not to mention, constant up and down...

Don't get me wrong though...I still love it out here...I just wish that I lived closer to any mountains... :)

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As a native of North Carolina, I would have to say NC! Near Raleigh, you would be a couple hours from the mountains or the beach, many places to hike/camp/any other outdoor activities. Although I have always wanted to move out west someday, mainly Montana like Stick. Something about the open land, cold weather, and an abundance of nature calls my name...

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