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Ground Sheet for Hexamid


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Just plugged my order in for a Zpacks Hexamid Solo Plus (Oh yeah!) Excited for this one for sure. Curious if its necessary to add my Polycryo ground sheet under the mesh floor. I included the cuben ground sheet for inside the shelter.

So set up would be the cuben ground sheet inside the shelter on top of the mesh and the poly under the mesh directly on the floor of the forest.

Will this defeat the intended purpose of the mesh?

I don't baby my gear to much but it is a mesh floor.



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Aaron Zagrodnick

Hey LionDog, I've had the Hexamid Twin with a similar style floor for several years, and since it's just a couple ounces I've always used a groundsheet made from window insulation film under everything. Probably not necessary, but no holes that I'm aware of and I feel a lot better when I realize I missed a stray pine cone under the tent floor in the middle of the night.

I just make sure the groundsheet doesn't extend beyond the canopy acting to channel rain between the groundsheet and floor, aligning it with the cuben groundsheet, and haven't had any issues...however I opted for the lighter .74 cuben floor that was available at the time, and one reason I did so was that I knew I'd be using a groundsheet no matter what. These tents are already so light and are an investment, while not necessary, I can handle a couple ounces. Helps to keep the tent and mesh clean as well - never liked packing pine needles in a stuff sack alongside the canopy of a .51 cuben tent. :)

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Thanks Aaron!

Your advice makes sense. This is why I chose the hexamid for the versatility.

The new plex series looks good. I just like the one pole pitch and being able to take out the ground sheet if I wanted to. The pitch seems a lot nicer looking. But I'm not about looks;)


Cheers! Jason

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