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Under Promise, Over Deliver

Aaron Zagrodnick

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Aaron Zagrodnick

For Jen and I, the peak had obtained an almost mystical status. It all started in 2010, on a south to north trip through the Wind River Range. After what had already been a long half day of backpacking, and with us at the time being visitors who hadn’t yet acclimated to the altitude, we arrived a trail junction. To the right our map showed a peak, potential fishing in the drainage you might follow to get there, and the promise of a great view. The perfect lunch spot? Perhaps. Normally, a destination out of your way, even if it’s just a mile or two won’t even be considered when you’re on an itinerary in the backcountry. And this wasn’t an extensive side trip. We both sat next to the trail sign on a convenient log and both seemingly tried to convince the other that we didn’t mind the extra miles. After a few minutes deliberating beside the trail sign though, we continued on as planned, taking a left, even though something – and we didn’t know what – had called us right…

A phrase that can extend onto the trail as well – A few insights gained from a recent trip in the Wind River Range. Read the full article in Issue 23:

Under Promise, Over Deliver

Wind River Range Backpacking

Issue 23 Page 1

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