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Looking to do Trans Zion hike on Labor day weekend


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Me and my wife are trying to get the permits for the trans zion hike. I mixed up the dates and go permits for the week before labor day weekend. Tried calling to switch the dates but no luck. I managed to get the campsite for day 1 but couldn't get the campsites for other days. I need your help. It's both our 35th Birthdays and my wife wanted to do this hike for a long time. Is there anyone doing the hike between Sept 3rd -Sept 7th and have permits for the campsites and don't mind sharing the campsite, please contact me at rtrehan26@gmail.com. I appreciate all your help in advance.

Below is our itinerary:

Day1: La verkin trail to horse camp( take it easy day 1) ~ 8 miles
Day2: Horse camp take hop valley trail, connector trail and wildcat canyon trail to sawmill springs campsite ~15 miles
Day3: West rim trail  to  campsite 2 close to the Potato Hollow spring. ~9 miles
Day4: West rim trail to Groto or angels landing and finish the hike ~ 6 miles



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