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Hiking the Wave

Aaron Zagrodnick

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Aaron Zagrodnick

Winning the lottery. Enduring 108 degree desert heat. Taking in the most amazing sandstone formation on the planet. What do all of these seemingly unrelated experiences have in common? A hike to the Wave. The Wave or more officially, North Coyote Buttes, is an almost mythical place that has captured the imagination of hikers and photographers from around the world. Impossible to describe with words, the Wave really has to be experienced and photographed to be fully understood. As a landscape photographer, the Wave was high on my short list but I wasn’t optimistic about gaining permission necessary for the hike. Learning how to gain permission and winning the lottery to obtain the coveted pass is an adventure all by itself… 

Dusty Doddridge hikes to the famous Wave formation in the Vermillion Cliffs National Monument, Arizona – Check out the full article in Issue 24:

Sandstone Paradise: A Day Hike to the Wave

Day Hiking to the Wave

Issue 24 Page 1


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