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Section Hiking the Ouachita Trail

Aaron Zagrodnick

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Aaron Zagrodnick

The rock looms large in my headlamp as I stand, trying to gather both my wits and my hiking poles. The sun is long gone and we are hiking in the dark along the ridge of Fourche Mountain, searching for a flat place to pitch six tents. The guidebook says there is good camping somewhere up ahead, but we’re desperate to stop and in this blackness can see very little beyond the trail’s edge. In my hurry, tired and leading this group of equally tired women to a stopping place, I stumbled on the rocky trail and fell headlong…

Susan Dragoo with a trip along a section of Arkansas’ Ouachita Trail, take a look in Issue 24:

The Lost Girls Ride Again

Hiking on the Ouachita Trail

Issue 24 Page 1


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Glad to see this trail receiving greater consideration and use by hikers. LOTS of good hiking in Arkansas! Folks in ARK working to make this a very good trail with virtually zero crowds. Trail has a wide timeframe window of hikeability!  

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