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How to Make the Most of Your Premium Membership

Aaron Zagrodnick

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Aaron Zagrodnick

Just thought I’d post a quick overview of how to utilize some of the newer premium member options here at TrailGroove.

Downloading PDFs and Wallpaper. Make you’re signed into TrailGroove in the upper right corner of the site, then browse to the “Downloads” tab in the navigation bar. From there, click on the file you’re interested in downloading. You should then be looking at a page such as this, the PDF for Issue 24 is shown here:

Simply click the “Download Now” button and your download will begin. You can either utilize your in-browser PDF viewer to view the file if you’re online, or save it to your computer in the location of your choice to view later with something like Adobe Reader

To save the PDF for mobile viewing on your iOS device like an iPhone or iPad however you’ll need to take an extra step. There’s a few ways to go about it, but I prefer the following. (iOS)

1. Download the app “iBooks” from the App Store. (<-- Direct download link) It’s free, and written by Apple. 

2. Once installed browse to TrailGroove.com/files and follow the steps just like you’d download the file to your computer above. However, once the PDF loads, now that iBooks is installed, you’ll be presented with an “Open in iBooks” prompt. Tap this, and the PDF will now be saved to your device for viewing online or offline anywhere – Simply access it through the iBooks app on your home screen…no internet connection required.


Tip: I like to save any instruction manuals I might need here as well. If I’m already taking my phone backpacking, I then now have the complete instruction manual for my Delorme InReach, ABC watch, etc. at no extra weight. Just in case.

For Android users, the PDF should be automatically saved to the file system on your phone in your downloads history or similar and you can then read it utilizing any PDF viewer already on your phone or available from Google Play. However, as an iOS user myself - Android users feel free to help me out here! 

2) Gear Deals and Search. To access this page, which contains our collection of online gear deals, and from time to time exclusive coupons along with a search engine to shop and compare across most major online merchants, simply sign in to the site, and as a premium member a “Gear” tab will then appear in the navigation bar. Simply click on this tab to take a look:


The rest of the benefits like the giveaways, store discount, first-to-know email when new issues are released, and forum attachment storage, message storage etc. are all automatic as long as you’re logged in to the site. Hope this helps and please fire away with any questions!

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We were just able to work out a new exclusive TrailGroove discount with CampSaver.com - 20% off full priced items through 11/15. (Normal exclusions apply) Premium members can grab the coupon code here:


I see many new folks wondering how to get started with backpacking and hiking.  Well, this is a fantastic deal, way to go TrailGroove.  Time to stock up for Autumn and perhaps start thinking about Spring 2016.

Gary M  

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