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Does anyone Geocache while hiking?


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For those of you who have never tried Geocaching, I HIGHLY recommend this AWESOME outdoor activity. Whether you are on the trail or just out on your day to day, there's a geocache waiting to be found. Great for the kids and fun for the whole family. For more info, log on to www.geocaching.com     If you are doing this, tell us about some of your finds!!

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I tried ti get into that once but didn't understand how it works because you have a paid App, and a free one... And then you have a subscription of the service... So in order to see all the geocaches around me what should i buy? And other thing, its i was trying to find one of the boxes that the free app shows and there was no box there. So is there such things as reporting stolen boxes? Can i buy a new box and plant it somewhere ? Its just really confusing to understand...

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I just got a new Cache published yesterday

it is already visited...lol

but I love to hike and it is only natural to geocache while on the trail

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