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Prepping the Car


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Hi guys, new member here. I'm going on a hiking trip in a few weeks with some buddies and we're taking my car. However, since our car is fairly new and this will be its first outdoor trip i'm looking around for some good quality car mats and a trunk mat liner set to equip it with so the interior doesn't get destroyed from the mud/storing our gear on the way home. Can anyone recommend an all-weather set? I've looked at Weathertech and they're a bit pricey so anything below their range would be best. Thanks! (the car is a Chevrolet Equinox) 

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I went through this very thing earlier this year. The old mats were in my Kia Sorento were rather, ah, well worn.

I bought these from Amazon:


$19 delivered! You do have to trim them.  

Does not include a trunk liner, but looks like one is made by the same company for $15


Nothing fancy. But easy to clean, appears to be durable and the *WIFE* approves!

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