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Mice and Yosemite


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I am sure by now you have heard of this:


Anyone stay in Curry this summer? To me, this was a bit surprising, not because of the presence of mice but because of whatever cleaning regime they have in the Village doesn't seem to be effective against the virus. Also, what about trapping the mice? I am sure they have some programs like that going on.

What do you guys/gals think about all of this?

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Shaun Squid

I took my dad to Glen Aulin right when this was happening. It was his first trip and I had it planned months in advance. We stayed in our own tents, but he was kind of trying to back out because of the outbreak. All I had to do was say "Hey, if you are cool with me telling your 5 brothers you bailed out on camping in Yosemite with your only son because you were afraid of a few meeces that is fine by me!" In hind sight I should not have made such light of it. Though if memory serves me, nobody had died yet. Fortunate neither of us got sick.

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