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N. Fork Indian Creek, Oval & Triangle Lakes/Bow Basin, Tobacco Root Mountains, MT


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This backpack trip was completed on June 20-21, 2015.  Our objectives were Oval and Triangle Lakes, along with Bow Basin, all in the major tributary of the North Fork of Indian Creek.  Access is via Indian Creek Road (FS 1580 out of Sheridan, Montana and the FS Trail6015 & 6007, ending at Hill Reservoir.  From there, it is some interesting bushwhacking through steep heavy timber with a lot of dead-fall until reaching about 9,000' at which point the timber really thins out.

Not much use for a Jeep on this one-only had it it 4x4 mode for 25'.  A very little used area.

Trail head.

Hill Reservoir.

Cascades below the outlet of Oval Lake.

Oval Lake and Noble Peak.

Triangle Lake.

Bow Basin, including a cow elk with a necklace.

Token goat shot.  There were 3 nannies with kids, none of which wanted to pose for a photo.

Small lake at the head of the Bow Basin drainage.

On the way out we stopped at the Red Pine Mine.  All kinds of neat junk there including a Scout 80 and what appeared to be a GMC  CCKW (WWII military) with a civiy cab.

And it was another weekend in the mountains without a drop of DEET.

Many more photos here:

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