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Online buying tip - Active Junky


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Just wanted to toss this out there as I'm guessing there's quite a few online gear shoppers on Trail Groove. Hope it's cool to share this here.

I'm not affiliated with this site in any way but after getting turned on to them about a year ago I thought some others might be interested as well. 

If you sign up at a site called Active Junky (free) and use them to initiate a visit to one of their many online gear partners, you'll get a cash back bonus on anything you buy, They put the money in an account and send you a hard copy check every few months. You're typically looking at an additional 6% to 10% cash back which can really add up if you're making big purchases. At the very least, you're knocking off a chunk of the tax and shipping. They also list the discounts a site may be offering.

I know I'm not really saving money because when the check comes in I look at it like a "bonus" and just buy more gear. But those with some discipline will actually save. :)



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