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Hiking on the GR 20 in Corsica


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I was shocked and saddened to learn of the disappearance of the 70-year old American, George Hecht, who had attempted to walk the GR 20 across Corsica alone. I can not imagine that Mr. Hecht was not aware of the enormous danger he was running by this endeavor or that nobody warned him of the dangers of the GR 20.
Several years ago, I was interested in hiking one of the other trails in Corsica, the "Mare à Mare Sud," a six-day walk which is far less risky and far less strenuous--but no less beautiful--than the GR 20, and contacted one of the agencies offering unaccompanied, independent walks in Corsica.  The agency replied that under no circumstances would they sell me a single package; a minimum of two hikers was required--for safety.
Even born-and-bred Corsicans will not attempt the GR 20 alone because the dangers are too great. In fact, almost every year there are deaths on the GR 20:  
*In June 2015 five hikers died and two were reported missing on the GR 20.
*In July 2014 Mr. Hecht was reported missing on the GR 20.
*In June 2012 a woman hiker died on the GR 20.
The Wikipedia article in French on the GR 20 states that it is considered "the most difficult trail in Europe."
For anyone wishing to hike in France, I can recommend the more than 100,000 kilometers of blazed trails from Flanders in the North to Provence in the South and from Brittany in the West to Alsace in the East: I have enjoyed wonderful hikes in all four of those regions and elsewhere in France and recommend hiking holidays for anyone who wants to discover the real France.  
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